I started out as an art historian, with a specialism in 20th century art and design. Later in life, having worked with resident artists during my career in early education, I joined the Part-time Foundation Course at Banbury and enjoyed every minute. Seduced by glass, I continued my studies at […]

Anna Gillespie

Rachel enjoyed art and graphic design when at school and college. Having produced nothing in the intervening years, she has rediscovered the joy of creativity with the guidance of Gloria Bint’s Charlbury Art Group. Her current preference is for oil on canvas to portray landscapes. Contact

Rachel Gallagher

Paddy lives in Charlbury where he is enjoying a lazy retirement. He enjoys travel, watching wildlife and photography: preferably all at the same time. Contact

Paddy Gallagher

John Tucker, watercolour artist/illustrator 2016 John Tucker (formerly FRSA MSIAD) studied furniture and interior design at High Wycombe School of Art and Design between 1954 and 1958. He joined the design team at Minty of Oxford following National Service with the RAF. Following a break to work in a design […]

John Tucker

Watercolours and Drawings I live in Charlbury and have worked for many years as a freelance artist and architectural illustrator. My work has included landscape, flower and animal studies, calendar and book illustration, and impressions of proposed building developments and conversions for marketing and planning purposes. I have exhibited regularly […]

Susan Woolley

Handwoven rugs, wall-hangings and art weaves I approach the preparation of an art weave as I would an impressionist oil or watercolour painting but instead of mixing colours in the palette, I blend and sometimes dye yarns before I spin them to achieve the shades I need, having firstly chosen […]

Sue Tucker